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2009 Joint Assembly

Mineralogical Association of Canada


Monday Morning 2

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1030 MA12A CC 713B Manna From Heaven: Insights Into the Origin and Evolution of the Solar System From the Mineralogical and Physical Properties of Meteorites II (joint with GA, CG, P)
Presiding: C Herd, University of Alberta; P J McCausland, University of Western Ontario
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1030 MA12A-01 CC 713B A Bright Multiple Fragmentation Fireball and Meteorite Fall at Buzzard Coulee, Saskatchewan, Canada, November 20, 2008
*A R Hildebrand, E P Milley, P G Brown, P J McCausland, W N Edwards, M Beech, A Ling, G Sarty, M Paulson, L A Maillet, S F Jones, M R Stauffer, M L Hutson, A M Ruzicka
1100 MA12A-02 CC 713B Mineralogy and petrology of the Buzzard Coulee H4 chondrite
*E Walton, C Herd
1115 MA12A-03 CC 713B Accretional Impact Melt From the L-Chondrite Parent Body
*A Wittmann, J R Weirich, T D Swindle, D Rumble IIID A Kring
1130 MA12A-04 CC 713B The Known and the Unknown: Petrographic and Geochemical Analysis of the Shelburne Meteorite and an Unknown L6 Ordinary Chondrite
*K D van Drongelen, K Tait, G Clark, P McCausland
1145 MA12A-05 CC 713B The Tagish Lake C2 Carbonaceous Chondrite: Arrival Circumstances of a Unique, Primitive Messenger from the Early Solar System
*P J McCausland, A R Hildebrand, P G Brown

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