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2009 Joint Assembly

Mineralogical Association of Canada


Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 MA13C CC 713B Manna From Heaven: Insights Into the Origin and Evolution of the Solar System From the Mineralogical and Physical Properties of Meteorites III (joint with GA, CG, P)
Presiding: K Tait, University of Toronto; P J McCausland, University of Western Ontario
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1400 MA13C-01 CC 713B Multi-method Investigation of Several Fragments of the Tagish Lake C2 Carbonaceous Chondrite, a Co-ordinated Mineralogical, Imaging, Chemical and Spectroscopic Reconnaissance
*M R Izawa, R L Flemming, P L King, R C Peterson, P J McCausland, I Barker, G Southam, D E Moser
INVITED    [Abstract]
1430 MA13C-02 CC 713B Presolar Organic Globules in Tagish Lake Meteorite and Other Astromaterials
*K Nakamura, S Messenger, L P Keller, S J Clemett, M E Zolensky
INVITED    [Abstract]
1500 MA13C-03 CC 713B Organic Matter in the Tagish Lake Meteorite: Lithological Differences
*C D Herd, L R Nittler, C M Alexander, R W Hilts
1515 MA13C-04 CC 713B Carboxylic Acid Abundances in the Tagish Lake Meteorite: Lithological Differences and Implications for Formic Acid Abundances in Carbonaceous Chondrites
*R W Hilts, C D Herd, D Morgan, G Slater, Y Huang, L Edwards
1530 MA13C-05 CC 713B The Making Of Carbonaceous Chondrites: A Tale of Flash Melting, Metamorphism, Hydrothermal Activity And Organic Chemistry
*C M Alexander
INVITED    [Abstract]

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