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2009 Joint Assembly

Mineralogical Association of Canada


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 MA23B CC 713B Neutron Scattering for the Geosciences I (joint with V)
Presiding: B C Chakoumakos, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; H Xu, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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1400 MA23B-01 CC 713B Applications of Neutron Powder Diffraction to Mineralogy
*I P Swainson
INVITED    [Abstract]
1415 MA23B-02 CC 713B Geoscience Applications of the Neutron Diffractometer HIPPO
*S C Vogel
INVITED    [Abstract]
1430 MA23B-03 CC 713B High Pressure Structural Modifications of Gas Hydrates
*C A Tulk, L Yang, D Klug, B Chakoumakos, J Ripmeester, C Radcliffe, I Moudrakovski, L Ehm, D Martin, J Parise
INVITED    [Abstract]
1445 MA23B-04 CC 713B The Formation of 1.13 nm Tobermorite: New Insights by In-situ Neutron Diffraction
*S Bernstein, K T Fehr, R Hochleitner, T C Hansen
1500 MA23B-05 CC 713B Combined Neutron and X-Ray Diffraction Studies on H/D Isotope Effects in Brucite.
*A M dos Santos, J Horita, C A Tulk, B C Chakoumakos, V B Polyakov
1515 MA23B-06 CC 713B Neutron Diffraction Study of Hydrogen in Birnessite Structures
*J E Post, P J Heaney, Y Cho, R T Cygan
1530 MA23B-07 CC 713B Monitoring CO2 Adsorption Into the Coal: Application of Small-ngle Neutron Scattering Techniques (SANS and USANS)
*Y B Melnichenko
INVITED    [Abstract]
1545 MA23B-08 CC 713B Inelastic Neutron Scattering Studies of Confined Surface Water on Oxide Nanoparticles
*N L Ross, E C Spencer, A A Levchenko, A I Kolesnikov, J Boerio-Goates, B F Woodfield, A Navrotsky, G Li

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