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2009 Joint Assembly

Mineralogical Association of Canada


Tuesday Afternoon 2

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1630 MA24A CC 713B Tourmaline: An Ideal Indicator of Its Host Environment I (joint with V)
Presiding: V van Hinsberg, McGill University; B Martin, McGill University; D Henry, Louisiana State University
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1630 MA24A-01 CC 713B Tourmaline Comes of Age
*D London
1700 MA24A-02 CC 713B Oscillatory Zoned Liddicoatite from Central Madagascar: Crystal Chemistry, Crystal Structure, and Compositional Variation
*A J Lussier, F C Hawthorne, P M Aguiar, V Michaelis, S Kroeker
1715 MA24A-03 CC 713B A Tourmaline is Forever - Sort of
*D Henry, B Dutrow
1730 MA24A-04 CC 713B Order-Disorder Mechanisms in the Tourmaline-Group Minerals
*F Bosi, G B Andreozzi
1745 MA24A-05 CC 713B Crystallographic Preferred Orientation of Tourmaline Driven by Dissolution-Precipitation Creep
*R Spiess, M Bavila, R Dibona
1800 MA24A-06 CC 713B There and Back Again, a Complete History of Subduction and Uplift Recorded by a Tauern Window Tourmaline
*V van Hinsberg, G Franz
1815 MA24A-07 CC 713B The B-Site in Tourmaline as a Key to Cation Ordering
*C M Clark, L M Sochalski

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