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2009 Joint Assembly

Mineralogical Association of Canada


Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 MA31A CC Hall E Tourmaline: An Ideal Indicator of Its Host Environment II Posters (joint with V)
Presiding: V van Hinsberg, McGill University; B Martin, McGill University; D Henry, Louisiana State University
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0800 MA31A-01 CC Hall E Compositional Evolution of Tourmaline-Group and Associated Minerals From Pegmatites in the Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica
*E R Wadoski, E S Grew, M G Yates
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0800 MA31A-02 CC Hall E Evidence For The Existence of o Pb-Dominant Member of the Tourmaline Group
M Sokolov, *R F Martin
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0800 MA31A-03 CC Hall E Euhedral and Skeletal Tourmaline in the Stone Mountain Granite, Georgia, USA
*K M Longfellow, S Swanson
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