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2009 Joint Assembly

Mineralogical Association of Canada


Sunday Morning 1

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0800 MA71C CC 701B Mantle Conditions, Diamond Genesis, and the Kimberlite Sample I (joint with GA, S, T, V)
Presiding: R L Flemming, The University of Western Ontario; T Stachel, University of Alberta; D Schulze, University of Toronto
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0800 MA71C-01 CC 701B Diamond Morphology: Link to Metasomatic Events in the Mantle or Record of Evolution of Kimberlitic Fluid?
*Y Fedortchouk
0815 MA71C-02 CC 701B In-situ Analysis of Diamonds and Their Mineral Inclusions From the Lynx Kimberlite Dyke Complex, Central Quebec
*A Van Rythoven, T E McCandless, D J Schulze, A Bellis, L A Taylor, Y Liu
0830 MA71C-03 CC 701B New and Unusual Mineral Assemblages Discovered in Diamond from Juina, Brazil, Using FIB/TEM
*R Wirth, F Kaminsky, S Matsyuk
0845 MA71C-04 CC 701B Carbonate, Halide, and Other New Mineral Inclusions in Diamond and Deep-Seated Carbonatitic Magma
*F Kaminsky, R Wirth, S Matsyuk
0900 MA71C-05 CC 701B Crystal-Chemical Correlations in Chromites from Kimberlitic and Non-Kimberlitic Sources.
C N Freckelton, *R L Flemming
0915 MA71C-06 CC 701B Crystal-chemical Relationships in Diamond-indicating Peridotitic and Eclogitic Garnets
*B P Harwood, R L Flemming
0930 MA71C-07 CC 701B Understanding garnet variability: Application of geometallurgy to diamonds and exploration
*K O Hoal, S K Appleby, J G Stammer
0945 MA71C-08 CC 701B The Diamondiferous Lithospheric Mantle Underlying the Eastern Superior Craton: Evidence From Mantle Xenoliths From the Renard Kimberlites, Quebec
*L Hunt, T Stachel, J P Armstrong, A Simonetti

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