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2009 Joint Assembly

Mineralogical Association of Canada


Sunday Morning 2

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1030 MA72A CC 701B Mantle Conditions, Diamond Genesis, and the Kimberlite Sample II (joint with GA, S, T, V)
Presiding: R L Flemming, The University of Western Ontario; T Stachel, University of Alberta; D Schulze, University of Toronto
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1030 MA72A-01 CC 701B Magnesian Eclogite as a Source for 'Websteritic' Diamonds
*M G Kopylova, A De Stefano
1045 MA72A-02 CC 701B Origin of Diamond Rich, High-MgO Eclogite Xenoliths from the Jericho Kimberlite, Nunavut
*K A Smart, T Chacko, L M Heaman, A Simonetti
1100 MA72A-03 CC 701B First Results From Greenland Eclogite Xenoliths: Evidence for an Ultra-depleted Non-peridotitic Component Within the North Atlantic Craton Mantle Lithosphere
*S Tappe, L M Heaman, K A Smart, K Muehlenbachs, A Simonetti
1115 MA72A-04 CC 701B Are diamond-bearing Cretaceous kimberlites related to shallow-angle subduction beneath western North America?
*C A Currie, C Beaumont
1130 MA72A-05 CC 701B Were deep cratonic mantle roots hydrated in Archean oceans?
*D Canil
INVITED    [Abstract]
1150 MA72A-06 CC 701B Diamond-bearing Mantle of the Kaapvaal Craton: Implications for Exploration Models and Craton Root Petrogenesis
*D R Bell
INVITED    [Abstract]
1210 MA72A-07 CC 701B Diamond Ages and Lithosphere Evolution Applications to Diamond Exploration
*H H Helmstaedt, J J Gurney, S H Richardson
INVITED    [Abstract]

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