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2009 Joint Assembly

Mineralogical Association of Canada


Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 MA73A CC Hall E Structure and Properties of Glasses and Melts: Geological and Environmental Implications Posters (joint with GA, V)
Presiding: L Galoisy, Université Paris-Diderot (Paris 7); G Henderson, University of Toronto
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1400 MA73A-01 CC Hall E Borosilicate glass structure: An investigation of high resolution B K-edge XANES
*S Dong, G S Henderson, L Galoisy, G Calas
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1400 MA73A-02 CC Hall E The Effects of Composition, Pressure and Temperature on the Structure of Potassium Silicate Glasses
*R Sawyer, W Nesbitt, R Secco
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1400 MA73A-03 CC Hall E Network Rigidity in GeSe2 Glass at High Pressure
*S Antao, C Benmore, B Li, L Wang, E Bychkov, J Parise
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1400 MA73A-04 CC Hall E A First Step Toward Understanding Nucleation Processes: in situ High-Temperature X-ray Diffraction and Absorption Investigations
*E Strukelj, D R Neuville, B Cochain, L Hennet, D Thiaudière, B Guillot, M Roskosz, M Comte, P Richet
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1400 MA73A-05 CC Hall E Al Speciation in Silicate Melts: AlV a new Network Former?
*D R Neuville, P Florian, D de Ligny, V Montouillout, D Massiot
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1400 MA73A-06 CC Hall E Are Obsidians some kind of quenched vitroceramics?
*L Galoisy, G Calas, N Menguy
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1400 MA73A-07 CC Hall E Structural control of the stability of nuclear waste glasses
*G Calas, L Galoisy, L Cormier, B Bergeron, P Jollivet
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1400 MA73A-08 CC Hall E Tetrahedrally Coordinated Fe3+ in Silicate Glasses: A Mossbauer, Iron K-edge XANES and Raman Spectroscopies Study
*B Cochain, D R Neuville, C McCammon, G S Henderson, D de Ligny, O Pinet, P Richet
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1400 MA73A-09 CC Hall E M-Edge XANES Study of Ce3+/Ce4+ in Synthetic Andesitic Glasses
*D J Smythe, J M Brenan, G S Henderson
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