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2009 Joint Assembly

Mineralogical Association of Canada


Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 MA73B CC Hall E Mantle Conditions, Diamond Genesis, and the Kimberlite Sample III Posters (joint with GA, S, T, V)
Presiding: T Stachel, University of Alberta; D Schulze, University of Toronto
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1400 MA73B-01 CC Hall E Crystallization of Megacrysts From Protokimberlite Fluids
*M G Kopylova, G M Nowell, D G Pearson, G Markovic
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1400 MA73B-02 CC Hall E The Diamond Potential of the Tuwawi Kimberlite (Baffin Island, Nunavut).
*J Cross, M Kopylova, D Ritcey, M Kirkley
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1400 MA73B-03 CC Hall E Re-Os Isotopes in Kimberlite Oxides
*J Davies, R Creaser, L Heaman
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1400 MA73B-04 CC Hall E Experimental Study of Surface Dissolution Features on Kimberlite Indicator Minerals
*E McIsaac, Y Fedortchouk
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1400 MA73B-05 CC Hall E An Experimental Study of Diamond Dissolution in Cl--H2O Systems: Implications for Mechanisms of Diamond Oxidation and Kimberlitic Fluids
*L Hilchie, Y Fedortchouk
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1400 MA73B-06 CC Hall E S/Se In Sulfide Inclusion In Diamond
*E Thomassot, F Couffignal, J Lorand, H Bureau, P Cartigny, J W Harris
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1400 MA73B-07 CC Hall E Removal of Brown Colour From Diamonds During Storage in the Lithospheric Mantle
*E M Smith, H H Helmstaedt
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1400 MA73B-08 CC Hall E Unusual Cathodoluminescence in Diamonds: Evidence for Metamorphism or a Source Characteristic
*L F Bruce, M Longo, M Kopylova, J Ryder
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1400 MA73B-09 CC Hall E Mapping a Mantle Xenolith Using Micro X-ray Diffraction
*B P Harwood, R L Flemming, T Stachel
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