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2009 Joint Assembly

Mineralogical Association of Canada


Sunday Afternoon 1

Time Session Location Title
1400 MA73C CC 713B Carbonate-Hosted Ore Deposits I (joint with IA, B, V)
Presiding: S Gleeson, University of Alberta; E Turner, Laurentian University
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1400 MA73C-01 CC 713B The Geohydrology of MVT-Ore Genesis in the Canning Basin, Western Australia
*G Garven, M M Wallace
1415 MA73C-02 CC 713B Paleomagnetic Constraints on the age of the Lisheen Zn-Pb Deposit, Ireland: A Pre-Variscan Metamorphosed "MVT" Versus an Epigenetic Variscan Model for Ore Genesis
*S J Pannalal, D T Symons, D F Sangster
1430 MA73C-03 CC 713B Dating of the Reocin MVT Deposit, Spain, by Paleomagnetism
*D T Symons, M T Lewchuk, K Kawasaki, F Velasco, D L Leach
1445 MA73C-04 CC 713B Spatial Constraints on Carbonate-hosted Base Metals in the Mesoproterozoic Borden Basin, Nunavut
*E C Turner
1500 MA73C-05 CC 713B MVT Mineralization in the Maritimes Basin of Eastern Canada: Evidence for Heterogeneity Versus Commonality for Zn-Pb-Ba-Cu-Ag Mineralization
*D J Kontak
1515 MA73C-06 CC 713B Sr isotopic evidence for fluid mixing in ore-stage dolomites, Pine Point, Northwest Territories, Canada
*S A Gleeson, P Gromek, A Simonetti
1530 MA73C-07 CC 713B Similarities and Differences between the Sandstone-Hosted Jinding Zn-Pb Deposit and MVT Deposits
*G Chi, C Xue
1545 MA73C-08 CC 713B The Carbonate-Hosted Willemite Deposits in the Zambesi Metamorphic Belt (Zambia): a "Franklin-Type" Mineralization?
*M Boni, R Terracciano

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