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2009 Joint Assembly

Nonlinear Geophysics


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 NG23A CC 717B The Physics of the Earthquake Process (joint with CG, S, T)
Presiding: K Tiampo, University of Western Ontario; R Shcherbakov, University of Western Ontario; J Rundle, University of California, Davis
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1400 NG23A-01 CC 717B The Physics of damage
*W Klein, C Serino
INVITED    [Abstract]
1415 NG23A-02 CC 717B The Role of Off-Fault Damage in Earthquake Mechanics
*C G Sammis
INVITED    [Abstract]
1430 NG23A-03 CC 717B Scaling in a Two-Dimensional Model for Damage and Friction
J Gran, *J B Rundle, D Turcotte, W Klein
1445 NG23A-04 CC 717B Statistics of Earthquakes
*D L Turcotte, R Shcherbakov, J B Rundle, J D Van Aalsburg
INVITED    [Abstract]
1500 NG23A-05 CC 717B Numerical Earthquake Simulators and Earthquake Forecasting: Do Similar Pasts in Simulation Data Imply Similar Futures?
*J Rundle, J Van Aalsburg, J Holliday, D Turcotte, A Donnellan, L Grant-Ludwig, K Tiampo
1515 NG23A-06 CC 717B A Geometry-Driven Mode of Supershear Rupture Transition
*D D Oglesby, P M Mai
INVITED    [Abstract]
1530 NG23A-07 CC 717B Spatiotemporal clustering of aftershock sequences
*J Davidsen, T de Paula Peixoto, K Doblhoff
1545 NG23A-08 CC 717B Dynamic fracture energy of rocks
*K Xia

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