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2009 Joint Assembly

Nonlinear Geophysics


Wednesday Afternoon 1

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1400 NG33A CC Hall E Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics Posters (joint with CG)
Presiding: S Lovejoy, McGill University; I Zaliapin, University of Nevada, Reno; R Shcherbakov, University of Western Ontario
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1400 NG33A-01 CC Hall E Multifractal Thermal Structure in the Western Philippine Sea Upper Layer
*P C Chu, C Hsieh
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1400 NG33A-02 CC Hall E The Space-Time Relations for Radiances and Reflectivities From TRMM and MTSAT Data
*J Pinel, S Lovejoy, D Schertzer
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1400 NG33A-03 CC Hall E Effect of Spatial Scale on Temporal Scaling Properties of River Discharge
*F Hirpa, M Gebremichael, T Over
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 NG33A-04 CC Hall E QDF Surfaces and Their Parameterization for low Flows
*A A Carsteanu, T B Ouarda, C Diaz-Delgado, K M Ba, E Quentin
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1400 NG33A-05 CC Hall E Modelling of Geological Structures Using Emergence
*M Hillier, E A de Kemp, K Sprague
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1400 NG33A-06 CC Hall E How complex lava textures can be described by simple scaling characteristics.
*H Gaonac'h
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1400 NG33A-07 CC Hall E Nonlinear Interaction of Waves in Geomaterials
*L A Ostrovsky
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1400 NG33A-08 CC Hall E Wavelet Statistical Analysis of Low-Latitude Geomagnetic Measurements
*A R Papa, A F Akel Jr
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1400 NG33A-09 CC Hall E Volcano-seismic Crisis
*J Lundja
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1400 NG33A-10 CC Hall E A New Probabilistic Seismic Hazard for mainland Spain. Main differences with the Building Code Hazard Map
*J Mezcua, J Rueda, R Garcia Blanco
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1400 NG33A-11 CC Hall E The Characterization of Seismicity Patterns Around Significant Volcanic Events by Assessing Their Scaling Properties and the Implications That Window Size Play in the Analysis
*P Horne
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1400 NG33A-12 CC Hall E Modification of the Pattern Informatics Approach to Intermediate-Term Earthquake Forecasting: Data Declustering
*Y Toya, K F Tiampo, J B Rundle, W Klein
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1400 NG33A-13 CC Hall E Trench Parallel Bouguer Anomaly (TPBA): A robust measure for statically detecting asperities along the forearc of subduction zones
*M Raeesi
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1400 NG33A-14 CC Hall E Characterization of Fault Networks and Diffusion of Aftershock Epicenters From Earthquake Catalogs: Fuzzy C-means Clustering and a Modified ETAS Model
*P Moulik, K F Tiampo
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1400 NG33A-15 CC Hall E Finding the Shadows: Local Variations in the Stress Field due to Large Magnitude Earthquakes
*C Latimer, K Tiampo, J Rundle
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1400 NG33A-16 CC Hall E Evaluation of earthquake clustering using the TM metric
*N Cho, K Tiampo, S McKinnon, J Vallejos, W Klein
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