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2009 Joint Assembly

Nonlinear Geophysics


Wednesday Afternoon 2

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1630 NG34A CC 717B Development and Predictability of Extreme Events in Complex Systems (joint with IN, S, T)
Presiding: A Gabrielov, Purdue University; V Keilis-Borok, UCLA; I Zaliapin, University of Nevada, Reno
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1630 NG34A-01 CC 717B Predictive Understanding of Disasters: Universality of Precursory Phenomena
*V Keilis-Borok, A Soloviev, G Molchan, A Gabrielov, I Zaliapin
1645 NG34A-02 CC 717B Extreme Seismic Events: From Modeling and Prediction to Preventive Disaster Management
*A Ismail-Zadeh, A Soloviev
INVITED    [Abstract]
1700 NG34A-03 CC 717B Earthquake Forecasting, Validation and Verification
*J Rundle, J Holliday, D Turcotte, A Donnellan, K Tiampo, B Klein
INVITED    [Abstract]
1715 NG34A-04 CC 717B Pattern Informatics Approach to Earthquake Forecasting in 3D
*Y Toya, K F Tiampo, J B Rundle, C Chen, H Li, W Klein
1730 NG34A-05 CC 717B Record Breaking Earthquakes and Temperatures
*D L Turcotte, B D Malamud, J D Van Aalsburg, W I Newman, J B Rundle
INVITED    [Abstract]
1745 NG34A-06 CC 717B Record Breaking Events in Self-Organized Critical Systems
*R Shcherbakov, W I Newman, D L Turcotte, K F Tiampo, J B Rundle
1800 NG34A-07 CC 717B Extreme Events and Their Predictability in a Branching Diffusion Model
*A Gabrielov, I Zaliapin, V Keilis-Borok
1815 NG34A-08 CC 717B Stochastic modeling of long-term non-stationary processes with empirical mode decomposition
*T Lee, T B Ouarda

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