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2009 Joint Assembly

Near-Surface Geophysics


Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 NS13A CC Hall E Back to Basics: Inversion of Electrical Resistivity Imaging Data II Posters (joint with GA, CG, H, NG)
Presiding: R Knight, Stanford University; C Weiss, Virginia Tech
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1400 NS13A-01 CC Hall E 2D DC resistivity modelling using a quadtree discretization
*R A Eso, D Oldenburg
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1400 NS13A-02 CC Hall E Resistivity Imaging of Bedrock Constrained by Digital Image Processing Algorithms
*M Elwaseif, L Slater
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1400 NS13A-03 CC Hall E Assessing electrical resistivity model uncertainty using Bayesian inference
*B Minsley
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