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2009 Joint Assembly

Near-Surface Geophysics


Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 NS13B CC 717B Back to Basics: Inversion of Electrical Resistivity Imaging Data I (joint with GA, CG, H, NG)
Presiding: R Knight, Stanford University; C Weiss, Virginia Tech
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1403 NS13B-01 CC 717B Overcoming Practical Pitfalls in DC Resistivity Inversion
*D W Oldenburg
INVITED    [Abstract]
1428 NS13B-02 CC 717B Inversion of Electrical Resistivity Data: Some Pitfalls and Remedies
*A Binley
INVITED    [Abstract]
1453 NS13B-03 CC 717B Field Data Sets Made Available for a Community Discussion of the Inversion of Electrical Resistivity Imaging Data
*R Knight, C J Weiss
1503 NS13B-04 CC 717B Electrical Resistance Imaging for Evaluation of Soil-Water Behavior in Desert Ecosystems
*J R Nimmo, K S Perkins, K M Schmidt, D M Miller, J D Stock, K Singha
INVITED    [Abstract]
1528 NS13B-05 CC 717B Synthetic resistivity calculations for the canonical depth-to-bedrock problem: A critical examination of the thin interbed problem and electrical equivalence theories
*C J Weiss, R Knight

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