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2009 Joint Assembly

Near-Surface Geophysics


Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 NS21A CC 716B Near-Surface Geophysics General Contributions I (joint with H)
Presiding: L Pellerin, Green Engineering; C Bank, University of Toronto
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0800 NS21A-01 CC 716B 3D depth-to-basement and density contrast estimates using gravity and borehole data
*V C Barbosa, C M Martins, J B Silva
0815 NS21A-02 CC 716B 3D constrained inversion of geophysical and geological information applying Spatial Mutually Constrained Inversion.
*O F Nielsen, C Ploug, J A Mendoza, K Martínez
0830 NS21A-03 CC 716B The Marine CSEM Response of a Resistive Sheet: Straightforward but not Trivial
*A Swidinsky, R N Edwards
0845 NS21A-04 CC 716B A Deterministic Approach to Analyzing Audiomagnetotelluric Models and Borehole Data in a Hydrological Environment
*L Pellerin, D K McPhee
0900 NS21A-05 CC 716B dielectric properties of salt clay mixtures
*S Aqil, D Schmitt
0915 NS21A-06 CC 716B Rayleigh Waves Traveling Along the Impermeable Surface of an Unsaturated Poroelastic Half-space
*Y Chen, W Lo, J Leu, A H Cheng

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