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2009 Joint Assembly

Near-Surface Geophysics


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 NS23A CC Hall E Near-Surface Geophysics General Contributions Posters II (joint with H)
Presiding: L Pellerin, Green Engineering; L Slater, Rutgers University
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1400 NS23A-01 CC Hall E Integrated MVG and ERT Survey Over a Shallow Cave
M Gambetta, E Armadillo, *C Carmisciano, P Stefanelli, F Caratori Tontini, L Cocchi
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1400 NS23A-02 CC Hall E A Study of Electrical Resistivity Methods in Monitoring Moisture Fluxes in the Vadose Soil Zone
*B G Johnson, S H Hariri, R L Van Dam
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1400 NS23A-03 CC Hall E Extent of the Ice Lens of the Gardner Pond Rock Glacier, Maine, from Electrical and GPR Surveys
*C A Tudor, F Mcgowan, T Bose, T Livada, R Dasrath, R Ghent, C Bank
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1400 NS23A-04 CC Hall E Simultaneous determination of shallow water-table depths and EM wave velocities using multiple-offset GPR profiling data in peatland
*H Saito, S Matsushima, K Asada, K Kawamoto, T Komatsu
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1400 NS23A-05 CC Hall E Roughness of a Layered Geological Media and the Implications for Interpretation of Transient Electromagnetic Response of a Loop Source
*K T Decker, M E Everett
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1400 NS23A-06 CC Hall E Influence of a source line position on results of EM observations applied to the diagnostics of underground heating system pipelines in urban area
*A Vetrov
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1400 NS23A-07 CC Hall E 3D modelling of randomly distributed media to investigate EM response of resistive heterogeneous targets
*R Mir, R N Edwards
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1400 NS23A-08 CC Hall E Permeability And Frequency Dependence Of The Seismoelectric Effect Associated With Compressional Waves In Unconsolidated Sediments
*M West, C Dupuis, K E Butler
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1400 NS23A-09 CC Hall E Effects of Pressure on Attenuation of Seismic Waves Through Sedimentary Rocks
D O Olorode, *O S Aregbede, G T Olorode
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1400 NS23A-10 CC Hall E Locating the Toronto Transmit Subway Tunnel below Queens Park in downtown Toronto
*U Iqbal, C Bank
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1400 NS23A-11 CC Hall E Seismic Noise in the Earth Science Building at the University of Toronto
*P Patraskovic, C Bank
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