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2009 Joint Assembly

Near-Surface Geophysics


Wednesday Morning 2

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1030 NS32A CC 717B Near-Surface Geophysics for Applications in Civil Engineering II (joint with CG, H)
Presiding: C Phillips, Golder Associates Ltd.; G Cascante, University of Waterloo
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1030 NS32A-01 CC 717B Seismic site survey investigations in urban environments: The case of the underground metro project in Copenhagen, Denmark.
*K Martínez, J A Mendoza, J Colberg-Larsen, C Ploug
1050 NS32A-02 CC 717B Application of Near-Surface Geophysical Techniques for Earthquake Microzonation Mapping in the Ottawa, Ontario Region
*H Crow, D Motazedian, J A Hunter, A Pugin, G Brooks, M Pyne, S Pullan, K Khaheshi-Banab
1110 NS32A-03 CC 717B Does the Microtremor Array Method Provide Reliable Vs Profiles in Comparison with Commerical Techniques?
*S Molnar, S E Dosso, J F Cassidy
1130 NS32A-04 CC 717B Prediction of Fracture Behavior in Rock and Rock-like Materials Using Discrete Element Models
*T Katsaga, P Young
1150 NS32A-05 CC 717B Seismicity Sequences Driven by Pore Pressure Oscillations
*W Ying, P M Benson, P Young
1210 NS32A-06 CC 717B Seismic Waveform Parameters and the Engineering Properties of Unconsolidated Sediments: Laboratory Measurements and Models
*F Boadu, F Owusu-Nimo

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