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2009 Joint Assembly

Ocean Sciences


Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 OS21A CC 715A Ocean Sciences General Contributions I (joint with A)
Presiding: J Farrington, WHOI; P Schlosser, Columbia University
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0800 OS21A-01 CC 715A High-Frequency Asymptotics for Backscattering Cross Sections from the Statistically Rough Sea Surface
*I Fuks
0815 OS21A-02 CC 715A Currents, Water Budget and Turn-Over Time Within A Man-Made Coastal Mega-Structure: Palm Jumeirah, Southern Arabian Gulf, United Arab Emirates
*G Cavalcante, B Kjerfve
0830 OS21A-03 CC 715A Seismic Reflection Along the Path of the Mediterranean Undercurrent
*G G Buffett, B Biescas, F Machín, V Sallarès, J Pelegrí, R Carbonell, D Kl R Hobbs
0845 OS21A-04 CC 715A Internal wave induced boundary layer instabilities: global instability versus isolated events
*M Stastna
0900 OS21A-05 CC 715A Observations of a Stationary Tidal Intrusion Front in the Coastal Lagoon of Chacahua, México
*R A Morales Pérez, A Espinosa, H S Vélez Muñoz, G Gutiérrez de Velasco, A Laurel
0915 OS21A-06 CC 715A What Controls Seasonal Variation of Phytoplankton Growth in the East China Sea?
*K Liu, S Chao, H Lee, G Gong, Y Teng
0930 OS21A-07 CC 715A Extreme Algal Bloom Detection with MERIS
*R Amin, A Gilerson, R Gould, R Arnone, S Ahmed
0945 OS21A-08 CC 715A Winkler Method Overestimates Dissolved Oxygen In Seawater: Oceanographic Implications
*G T Wong, K Li

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