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2009 Joint Assembly

Ocean Sciences


Tuesday Morning 2

Time Session Location Title
1030 OS22A CC 715A Contributions and Potential of Ocean-Observing Systems I (joint with A, B)
Presiding: M Best, NEPTUNE Canada; L Brasseur, Consortium for Ocean Leadership
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1030 OS22A-01 CC 715A Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI): Status of Design, Capabilities, and Implementation
*L H Brasseur, S Banahan, T Cowles
1045 OS22A-02 CC 715A Cyberinfrastructure for the US Ocean Observatories Initiative: Enabling Interactive Observation in the Ocean
M Arrott, *M Meisinger, I Krueger, A Chave, J Orcutt, F Vernon, C Peach, O Schofield, J Kleinert
1100 OS22A-03 CC 715A Drinking From a Firehose: Managing Video From Ocean Observatories
*B Schlining, E Raymond, D Cline, D Edgington
1115 OS22A-04 CC 715A Design, Observing and Data Systems, and Final Installation of the NEPTUNE Canada Regional Cabled Ocean Observatory
*C R Barnes, M M Best, F R Johnson, P Phibbs, B Pirenne
1130 OS22A-05 CC 715A Real-Time Measurements of a Tsunami Wave Height on DART Records
*E Tolkova
1145 OS22A-06 CC 715A Towards to Understanding the Recurrence Cycle of Mega Thrust Earthquakes and Tsunamis Around the Nankai Trough Southwestern Japan -Real Time Monitoring (DONET), Simulation and Comprehensive Analyses-
*Y Kaneda, K Hirahara, T Furumura
1200 OS22A-07 CC 715A RAMA: Research Moored Array for African-Asian-Australian Monsoon Analysis and Prediction
*M J McPhaden
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1215 OS22A-08 CC 715A The Mobile Buoy: An Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Integrated Ocean-Atmosphere Studies
*P M Orton, W R McGillis, J R Moisan, J R Higinbotham, C Schirtzinger

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