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2009 Joint Assembly

Ocean Sciences


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 OS23A CC Hall E Ocean Sciences General Contributions II Posters (joint with A)
Presiding: J Farrington, WHOI; P Schlosser, Columbia University
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1400 OS23A-01 CC Hall E Plastics Distribution and Degradation on Lake Huron Beaches
*M Zbyszewski, P Corcoran
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1400 OS23A-02 CC Hall E Chemistry in Clean Marine Air
J O Lundja, *M Tshiala
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1400 OS23A-03 CC Hall E Multiproxy Comparison of Climatic and Oceanographic Conditions in the Subtropical North Atlantic During the Last 20,000 Years
*A G Yanchilina, J F McManus, T I Eglinton, D B Montlucon
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1400 OS23A-04 CC Hall E High Resolution Geophysical Survey of Western Long Island Sound Offshore New York: An Estuary Floor Shaped by Bottom Currents and Human Activity
*W Vargas, M Cormier, C McHugh
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1400 OS23A-05 CC Hall E Three-Dimension Temperature Structure of Cold Eddy-Upwelling System off Northeastern Taiwan in Summer and Winter
*J Kang, T Wang, W Li, H Ren, Y An
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1400 OS23A-06 CC Hall E Numerical Simulation of Supercritical Trapped Internal Waves Over Topography
*N Soontiens, M Stastna
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1400 OS23A-07 CC Hall E Vigorous internal tides induced potential pumping of nutrients to upper layers of the South China Sea
*S Jan, C Chen, K Liu, C Ting
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1400 OS23A-08 CC Hall E Benthic-Pelagic Coupling on the Louisiana Continental Shelf
*J Lehrter, R Devereux, D Beddick, D Yates, M Murrell, J Hagy, J Kurtz
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1400 OS23A-09 CC Hall E Seasonal and episodic effects (dust storm) on nutrient dynamics in the upwelling across shelf break on the East China Sea to the Kuroshio Water, northeastern Taiwan
*C Chen, G Gong, S Jan
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1400 OS23A-10 CC Hall E Particulate Scavenging and Lateral Transport Processes in the Gaoping Submarine Canyon Deduced From Pb-210 and Po-210 Observations
*G Hung, P Wang, Y Shen
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1400 OS23A-11 CC Hall E Anthropogenic Lead Invasion to the Abyssal North Pacific Ocean
*J Wu
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