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2009 Joint Assembly

Ocean Sciences


Wednesday Morning 2

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1030 OS32A CC 715A Day Care for Coral Reefs: Monitoring, Modeling, and Management in a Changing Climate II (joint with B)
Presiding: S F Heron, NOAA Coral Reef Watch; C Eakin, NOAA Coral Reef Watch; K Anthony, The University of Queensland
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1030 OS32A-01 CC 715A Global Forecasting of Coral Bleaching Events
*C M Eakin, G Liu, L E Matrosova, M C Penland, D K Gledhill, R S Webb, T R Christensen, S F Heron, J A Morgan, B A Parker, W J Skirving, A E Strong
1045 OS32A-02 CC 715A Seasonal Dynamical Prediction of Coral Bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
*C M Spillman, O Alves
1100 OS32A-03 CC 715A Coping with commitment: Projecting future thermal stress on coral reefs worldwide and the potential importance of the Central Equatorial Pacific
*S D Donner
1115 OS32A-04 CC 715A Ocean Acidification: A Major Driver of Coral Bleaching in the 21st Century?
*K Anthony, M C Eakin, L Cao, K Caldeira, O Hoegh-Guldberg
INVITED    [Abstract]
1130 OS32A-05 CC 715A Regional Monitoring of Ocean Acidification in Coral Reef Environments
*D K Gledhill, C Eakin, R Wanninkhof, G Liu, T Christensen, S Heron, J Morgan, W Skirving, A Strong
1145 OS32A-06 CC 715A The Role of Observation Systems in Coral Reef Monitoring and Management
*S Bainbridge, C Steinberg, P Rigby
1200 OS32A-07 CC 715A Predicting the risk of coral disease outbreak using satellite SST.
*S F Heron, B L Willis, W J Skirving, C A Page, C M Eakin, I R Miller, T R Christensen, D K Gledhill, G Liu, J A Morgan, B A Parker, A E Strong

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