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2009 Joint Assembly

Planetary Sciences


Monday Morning 1

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0800 P11A CC 716B Planetary Sciences General Contributions I

Presiding: R A West, JPL/Caltech; B Buratti, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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0800 P11A-01 CC 716B Accretion of Low-albedo Dust by the Outer Satellites of the Gas Giants
*B J Buratti, M D Hicks, K J Lawrence
0815 P11A-02 CC 716B On The Energy Per Ion Pair In The Upper Atmospheres of Planets
*C Simon, J Lilensten, G Gronoff, H Menager, M Barthelemy
0830 P11A-03 CC 716B Pickup ion Phase Space Distributions at the Moon and Titan
*R E Hartle, E C Sittler Jr.M Sarantos
0845 P11A-04 CC 716B Simulating the 3-D Structure of Titan's Upper Atmosphere
*J M Bell, H Waite, J Westlake, B Magee
0900 P11A-05 CC 716B Titan Coupled Surface/Atmosphere Retrievals
*R A West, K M Pitman
0915 P11A-06 CC 716B Titan's surface from Cassini SAR Principal Component Analysis (PCA) from orthorectified and non-orthorectified image pairs
*F Paganelli, R L Kirk, B W Stiles, R D West, L C Wye, R M Lopes, E R Stofan, a Team
0930 P11A-07 CC 716B Future Exploration of Titan and Enceladus
*D L Matson, A Coustenis, J Lunine, J Lebreton, K Reh, P Beauchamp
0945 P11A-08 CC 716B Exploration of amino acid biomarkers in polar ice with the Mars Organic Analyzer
*C Jayarajah, O Botta, A Aubrey, E Parker, J Bada, R Mathies

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