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2009 Joint Assembly

Planetary Sciences


Monday Morning 2

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1030 P12A CC 716B Rosetta at Asteroid Steins

Presiding: C J Alexander, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; R Schulz, ESA
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1030 P12A-01 CC 716B The Rosetta Fly-by at Asteroid (2867) Steins
*R Schulz, A Accomazzo, M Küppers, G Schwehm, K Wirth
1040 P12A-02 CC 716B Imaging Asteroid (2867) Steins with OSIRIS onboard Rosetta
*H Keller, M A'Hearn, F Angrilli, C Barbieri, A Barucci, J Bertaux, G Cremonese, B Davidson, M De Cecco, S Debei, M Fulle, O Groussin, P Gutierrez, S Hviid, W Ip, L Jorda, J Knollenberg, D Koschniy, J Kramm, E Kührt, M Küppers, P Lamy, L Lara, J Lopez Moreno, F Marzari, H Michalik, G Naletto, H Rickmann, R Rodrigo, L Sabau, H Sierks, N Thomas, P Wenzel, M Lazzarin
1100 P12A-03 CC 716B VIRTIS Observations During Rosetta Flyby Of 2867 Steins
*A Coradini, F Capaccioni, E Ammannito, M de Sanctis, G filacchione, D Grassi, F Tosi, P Drossart, A Barucci, S Erard, G Arnold
INVITED    [Abstract]
1120 P12A-04 CC 716B Rosetta Alice Far Ultraviolet Observations of (2867) Steins
*L M Feaga, M F A'Hearn, A J Steffl, J W Parker, S A Stern, P D Feldman, H A Weaver, J Bertaux, D C Slater, H Throop
INVITED    [Abstract]
1140 P12A-05 CC 716B Continuum Observations of Asteroid (2867) Steins With the MIRO Millimeter and Submillimeter Instrument on Rosetta
*S Gulkis, S J Keihm, L W Kamp, C R Backus, M A Janssen, B Davidsson, S Lee
INVITED    [Abstract]
1200 P12A-06 CC 716B Magnetic Field Investigations During ROSETTA's Steins Flyby
*K Glassmeier, H Auster, I Richter, U Motschmann, The RPC/ROMAP Teams
1210 P12A-07 CC 716B Steins Properties in Comparison with Those of the Other Asteroids Visited by Space Missions
M Fulchignoni, M Barucci, S Fornasier, *C Leyrat
1220 P12A-08 CC 716B Coordinated International Laboratory Studies of Meteorites Supporting Rosetta Mission's Asteroid Flybys
*L A McFadden, M F A'Hearn, E Ammanito, E Cloutis, A Coradini, M de Sanctis, L M Feaga, M Fulchignoni, E Hadamcik, T Hiroi, L Kolokolova, A Levasseur-Regourd, A A Ovcharenko, W J Parker, V A Psarev, J Renard

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