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2009 Joint Assembly

Planetary Sciences


Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 P13A CC Hall E Planetary Sciences General Contributions II Posters

Presiding: A R Hendrix, Caltech/JPL
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1400 P13A-01 CC Hall E Jupiter Thermospheric General Circulation Model (JTGCM): Auroral Thermal Balances
*T Majeed, J H Waite Jr.,G R Gladstone, S W Bougher
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1400 P13A-02 CC Hall E The Europa Jupiter System Mission
*A R hendrix, K Clark, C Erd, R Pappalardo, R R Greeley, M Blanc, J Lebreton, T Van Houten
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1400 P13A-03 CC Hall E Cassini Data in the PDS: Strategies for Usability
*C J Alexander, R Beebe, R T Pappalardo
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1400 P13A-04 CC Hall E Phoebe and Friends
*R W Gaskell, N Mastrodemos, B Rizk
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1400 P13A-05 CC Hall E Multispectral Study of the Schrödinger Impact Basin
*B Shankar, G Osinski, I Antonenko, P J Stooke
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1400 P13A-06 CC Hall E Microscopic Effects of Shock Metamorphism in Crystalline Rocks Correlated With Shock Induced Changes in Density, Haughton Impact Structure
*A C Singleton, G Osinski, D Moser
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