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2009 Joint Assembly

Planetary Sciences


Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 P21A CC 716A Planetary Atmospheres: Dynamics, Chemistry, Climate, and Couplings I (joint with A, GC, PP, SA)
Presiding: F Mills, Australian National University; C Nenkov, University of Toronto
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0800 P21A-01 CC 716A Phoenix Lidar Observations of the Cloud Topped Boundary Layer on Mars
*J A Whiteway, L Komguem, C Dickinson, C Cook, M Illnicki, J Seabrook, V Popovici, T Duck, R Davy, P Taylor, J Pathak, D Fisher, A Carswell, M Daly, V Hipkin, L Tamppari, N Renno, J Moores, M Lemmon, F Daerden, P H Smith
0815 P21A-02 CC 716A Experimental Results of Fractionation of HDO and H2O with simulated Martian Dust: Implications for the interpretation of past climate on Mars
*J E Moores, P Smith, R Brown, D Lauretta, W Boynton
0830 P21A-03 CC 716A Climate Transition on Mars: Solution and Implications
*G H Shaw
0845 P21A-04 CC 716A Dust Lifting Processes in GM3
*D Wu, J C McConnell, J Kaminski, A Akingunola
0900 P21A-05 CC 716A Analysis of Dust Devils on Mars using CFD
C F Lange, *K Chen, J A Davis, B T Gheynani
0915 P21A-06 CC 716A Potential Vorticity as a Diagnostic for the Mars Polar Vortex
*T H McConnochie, B J Conrath, P J Gierasch, D Banfield, M D Smith
0930 P21A-07 CC 716A A TW in Mars' Atmosphere and Implications for the Aerobraking region
*Y Moudden, J Forbes
0945 P21A-08 CC 716A The Emergence of Zonal Jets in a New Anelastic Model of Rapidly Rotating Spherical Convection in Gas Giants
*C Nenkov, R Peltier

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