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2009 Joint Assembly

Planetary Sciences


Tuesday Morning 2

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1030 P22A CC 716A Planetary Atmospheres: Dynamics, Chemistry, Climate, and Couplings II (joint with A, GC, PP, SA)
Presiding: G H Shaw, Union College; Y Moudden, Colorado State University
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1030 P22A-01 CC 716A A comparison of measurements of O2(1delta) airglow from SPICAM instrument on Mars Express with calculations from GM3
*A Aingunola, J C McConnell, J Kaminski, M Labbas
1045 P22A-02 CC 716A Simulations of the Martian Airglow and the Recovery of Temperature Profiles From Limb Airglow Observations
*S Conway, I McDade
1100 P22A-03 CC 716A Minor gaseous constituents and aerosols of the Venus mesosphere measured by SPICAV/SOIR on board Venus Express
*A Mahieux, R Drummond, V Wilquet, A Vandaele, A Fedorova, O Korablev, E Villard, F Montmessin, J Bertaux
1115 P22A-04 CC 716A Studying the Mars atmosphere using a SOIR Instrument
*R Drummond, A Vandaele, F Daerden, E Neefs, A Mahieux, V Wilquet, F Montmessin, J Bertaux, J C McConnell, J W Kaminski
1130 P22A-05 CC 716A Modelling of the Chemistry of Sulfur Oxides in the Middle Atmosphere of Venus
*F P Mills, S Johri, Y L Yung, M Allen
1145 P22A-06 CC 716A The Sensitivity of Venus' Oxygen Budget to Venus' Mesospheric Temperature
*K Jessup, F Mills, Y Yung, M Allen
1200 P22A-07 CC 716A Night OH in the mesosphere of Venus and Earth: A comparative planetology perspective.
*C D Parkinson, A Brecht, S Bougher, Y L Yung
1215 P22A-08 CC 716A Recent Results on the Titan Ionosphere from Cassini Radio Occultations
*A J Kliore, A F Nagy, E A Marouf

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