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2009 Joint Assembly

Planetary Sciences


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 P23A CC Hall E Planetary Atmospheres: Dynamics, Chemistry, Climate, and Couplings III Posters (joint with GA, A, PP, SA)
Presiding: J C McConnell, York University; J E Moores, University of Arizona
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1400 P23A-01 CC Hall E UVNS: An UVvis-NIR Spectrometer for Mars airglow.
*J C McConnell, G Barnes, I McDade, B Solheim, T Llewellyn, A Bourassa, F Daerden, D Friberg, S Blaxley, P Marchand, P Proulx, E Donovan, C Sioris, C McLinden, D Siskind, M Stevens, D Murtagh, K Smith, K Kabin
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1400 P23A-02 CC Hall E Simulation Study of Observations of the Martian Atmospheric Wind Field by a Michelson Wind Imager, DynAMO
*D Wang, W E Ward, A Akingunola, J C McConnell, A Bell
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1400 P23A-03 CC Hall E The Mars Phoenix MET Pressure Sensor - Technical Implementation, Quality of Data and Data Processing
*H Kahanpää, J Polkko, A Harri, M Genzer, W Schmidt
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1400 P23A-04 CC Hall E Microphysical Modeling for Interpretation of Phoenix Lidar Observations
*F Daerden, J A Whiteway, R Davy
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1400 P23A-05 CC Hall E Lidar Observations of Martian Dust Optical Properties During the Phoenix Mars Mission
*L Komguem, J Whiteway, C Dickinson, C Cook, J Seabrook, V Popovici, P Taylor, A Carswell, M Daly, P Smith
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1400 P23A-06 CC Hall E Hot Hydrogen Ion Precipitation in the Martian Ionosphere in the Vicinity of Strong Crustal Magnetic Field Anomalies
*C D Parkinson, M Liemohn, X Fang
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1400 P23A-07 CC Hall E The Faint Young Sun Paradox: a Resolution
*G H Shaw
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