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2009 Joint Assembly

Planetary Sciences


Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 P31A CC Hall E Comparative Studies of Planetary Magnetospheres I Posters (joint with SM)
Presiding: P J Chi, IGPP/UCLA; P Delamere, University of Colorado
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0800 P31A-01 CC Hall E An Interaction Region Near the Top of the Ionosphere Observed at Mars and Venus
*R A Frahm, J Winningham, J R Sharber, F Duru, D A Gurnett, R Lundin, A J Coates, S M Tsang, M Delva, T Zhang
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0800 P31A-02 CC Hall E Heavy Ion Effects on Resonant Absorption at Mercury's Magnetosphere
*E Kim, J R Johnson
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0800 P31A-03 CC Hall E Comparison of Ultra-Low-Frequency Waves at Mercury under Northward and Southward IMF
*S A Boardsen, J A Slavin, B J Anderson, M H Acuna, H Korth, S C Solomon
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