Session Information

2009 Joint Assembly

Planetary Sciences


Wednesday Morning 1

Time Session Location Title
0800 P31B CC 716B Planetary Sciences General Contributions III

Presiding: J Arkani-Hamed, University of Toronto; B Banerdt, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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0800 P31B-01 CC 716B Polar Wander of Mars: Evidence from Giant Impact Basins
*J Arkani-Hamed
0815 P31B-02 CC 716B The Surface of Venus is Saturated With Ancient Impact Structures, and its Plains are Marine Sediments
*W B Hamilton
0830 P31B-03 CC 716B Origin and Emplacement of Melt Deposits at the Lunar Impact Crater Tycho
*D Veillette, G Osinski
0845 P31B-04 CC 716B Inferred Stratigraphy of the Letronne Crater Area, From Fused Lunar Data Sets
*I Antonenko, G Osinski

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