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2009 Joint Assembly

Planetary Sciences


Wednesday Afternoon 1

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1400 P33A CC Hall E Great Enceladus Debates: Plumes, Beams, Ocean, Chemistry? II Posters (joint with B, SA, SM, C)
Presiding: C J Alexander, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; R T Pappalardo, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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1400 P33A-01 CC Hall E Enceladan Tectonics: Ice and Isostasy in Action
*S S McLeod, D R Lageson
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1400 P33A-02 CC Hall E Tidally Driven Strike-Slip Fault Activity at Enceladus's Tiger Stripes
B R Smith-Konter, J Olgin, *R T Pappalardo
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1400 P33A-03 CC Hall E Geological Mapping of Tectonized Terrains in the Trailing Hemisphere of Enceladus
*E N Crow-Willard, R T Pappalardo
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1400 P33A-04 CC Hall E High-Resolution Observations of Enceladus' Endogenic Thermal Radiation in 2008
*J Spencer, C Howett, J Pearl, M Segura, Cassini CIRS Team
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1400 P33A-05 CC Hall E Extended Search for Energetic Sodium Ions in Saturn's Magnetosphere
*S P Christon, D C Hamilton, S M Krimigis, D G Mitchell
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1400 P33A-06 CC Hall E Dusty plasma of E-ring and Enceladus observed by Cassini Langmuir probe
*M W Morooka, J Wahlund, M Shafiq, D A Gurnett, W S Kurth, W M Farrell
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