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2009 Joint Assembly

Planetary Sciences


Wednesday Afternoon 1

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1400 P33B CC 716B Comparative Studies of Planetary Magnetospheres II (joint with SM)
Presiding: E Kim, Princeton University; S A Boardsen, NASA GSFC/GEST
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1400 P33B-01 CC 716B How Magnetospheres Work: Lessons from Comparative Planetology
*C T Russell
INVITED    [Abstract]
1420 P33B-02 CC 716B Comparative Magnetosphere of Jupiter, Saturn and Comets
*K C Hansen
INVITED    [Abstract]
1440 P33B-03 CC 716B MESSENGER Observations of Mercury's Magnetosphere
*J A Slavin, M H Acuna, B J Anderson, D N Baker, M Benna, S A Boardsen, G Gloeckler, R E Gold, G C Ho, H Korth, S M Krimigis, R L McNutt Jr.J M Raines, M Sarantos, D Schriver, S C Solomon, P Trávníček, T H Zurbuchen
INVITED    [Abstract]
1500 P33B-04 CC 716B Self-consistent Planetary Dipole and Paraboloidal Model Parameters Fitting by the Mercury's Magnetic Field after MESSENGER's First and Second Flybys
*I I Alexeev, E S Belenkaya, J A Slavin, M H Acuna, B J Anderson, S A Boardsen, C L Johnson, K Haje, M E Purucker, M Sarantos, S C Solomon
1515 P33B-05 CC 716B The Enigmatic Dayside Boundary Layer at Mercury
*B J Anderson, J A Slavin, H Korth, M H Acuna, J M Raines, T H Zurbuchen, G Gloeckler, S M Krimigis, G C Ho, R E Gold, R L McNutt Jr.S C Solomon
1530 P33B-06 CC 716B Fundamental Plasma Physics in the Martian Magnetotail and Boundary Layer
*J S Halekas, J P Eastwood, D A Brain, T D Phan
1545 P33B-07 CC 716B Mars and Venus ion cyclotron waves and their implications
H Wei, *C Russell, J Leisner, T Zhang, X Blanco-Cano

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