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2009 Joint Assembly

Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology


Monday Morning 1

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0800 PP11A CC 715A Quaternary Geology of the Arctic: The IPY 2007-2008 Legacy II (joint with C)
Presiding: A Rochon, ISMER-UQAR and GEOTOP; G St-Onge, ISMER-UQAR and GEOTOP
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0800 PP11A-01 CC 715A Observations on the Late Holocene Dynamics of the Boreal Geomagnetic Field From Ellesmere Island Lake Sediments
*J S Stoner, M H Davies, R S Bradley, T L Cook, P Francus, M R Besonen, J E Channell, G St-Onge
0815 PP11A-02 CC 715A Sedimentary Record of the Last two Interglacials in the Terrestrial Canadian Arctic (Pingualuit Crater Lake, Nunavik)
*G St-Onge, H Guyard, R Pienitz, S Hausmann, P Francus, V Salonen, T Luoto, J Black, M Lamothe, B Zolitschka, I Larocque
0830 PP11A-03 CC 715A Sedimentary Regimes in the Northern Mendeleev Ridge During the Last Climatic Cycles
*C Not, C Hillaire-Marcel, M Preda, A de Vernal
0845 PP11A-04 CC 715A Arctic Amplification: Can the Past Constrain the Future?
*G H Miller, J Brigham-Grette, R B Alley
0900 PP11A-05 CC 715A Holocene variations of sea-ice cover and sea-surface temperature in the western Arctic, from the Fram Strait to the Chukchi Sea
*A de Vernal, C Hillaire-Marcel, A Rochon, T Radi, D Ledu, S Bonnet
0915 PP11A-06 CC 715A Evolution Of Late Holocene Sea-Surface Parameters In The Beaufort Sea Area (Mackenzie Slope, Canadian Arctic): Insights From CASES 2004-804-803 Cores
A Rochon, *M Bringué
0930 PP11A-07 CC 715A Radiogenic isotope signatures of sediment sources vs. water masses in Late Holocene sediments from Fram Strait
*J Maccali, J Carignan, L Reisberg, C Hillaire-Marcel
0945 PP11A-08 CC 715A Revisited Inventory of Glaciers on Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut
*L Thomson, G Osinski

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