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2009 Joint Assembly

Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology


Sunday Morning 1

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0800 PP71A CC Hall E Quaternary Geology of the Arctic: The IPY 2007-2008 Legacy I Posters (joint with C)
Presiding: A Rochon, ISMER-UQAR and GEOTOP; G St-Onge, ISMER-UQAR and GEOTOP
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0800 PP71A-01 CC Hall E Late Glacial and Holocene Paleoenvironmental Change Recorded in Lake Sediments, Brock Plateau (Melville Hills), Northwest Territories, Canada
K Ruhland, *J St. Jacques, B D Beierle, S F Lamoureux, A S Dyke, J P Smol
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0800 PP71A-02 CC Hall E Late Quaternary paleoceanography and paleo-sea ice conditions in the Mackenzie Trough and Canyon, Beaufort Sea
*D B Scott, T M Schell, A Rochon, S Blasco
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0800 PP71A-03 CC Hall E Pre-Industrial Climate Change in the Mackenzie Trough Area, Beaufort Sea, Canada
*A Rochon, T Richerol, D B Scott
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0800 PP71A-04 CC Hall E A multi-isotopic study (U-series, 14C, 13C, 18O) on growth of Arctic fissure calcretes (endostromatolites) from Northern Canada.
*B Ghaleb, C Hillaire-Marcel, P Deschamps, B Lauriol
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0800 PP71A-05 CC Hall E Foraminiferal and Isotopic Evidence for Sea-Ice Extent and Paleoceanography of the Amundsen Gulf, Canadian Arctic
*O T Gibb, D B Scott, A Rochon, S Blasco
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0800 PP71A-06 CC Hall E Quaternary evolution of the central canadian Arctic
*T Tremblay, L Michel, J J Ryan
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