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2009 Joint Assembly

Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology


Sunday Morning 1

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0800 PP71B CC Hall E Interhemispheric Teleconnections and Quaternary Marine and Continental Climate Records I Posters (joint with GC, OS)
Presiding: L Perez-Cruz, Instituto de Geofisica, UNAM; J Urrutia-Fucugauchi, Instituto de Geofísisca, UNAM
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0800 PP71B-01 CC Hall E Millennial-scale paleoceanographic features in the central Bering Sea during the last 65 kyrs
*S Kim, B Khim, T Itaki, M Uchida, K Katsuki
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0800 PP71B-02 CC Hall E Holocene Intermediate Water Variability in the Northeast Pacific: A Santa Barbara Basin 14C Record
*J E Friddell, B Thunell, T Guilderson, B Roark
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0800 PP71B-03 CC Hall E Cyclicity of Wind-Driven Upwelling in the Southern Gulf of California during the Middle and Late Holocene
*L Perez-Cruz, A Aco-Palestina
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0800 PP71B-04 CC Hall E Evaluating Sea Surface Temperature Variability Using Replicated Porites lobata Coral Sr/Ca Records From Clipperton Atoll (1994-1894AD)
*H C Wu, B K Linsley, D P Schrag
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0800 PP71B-05 CC Hall E High-resolution Analysis of Trace Elements in Encrusting Coralline Red Algae by Laser Ablation ICP-MS
*S Hetzinger, J Halfar, T Zack, K Simon, A Kronz, W Adey, P A Lebednik, R S Steneck, B R Schoene
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0800 PP71B-06 CC Hall E Using Tree-Rings and Lake Sediments to Infer Historical Water Availability in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
*M Kenigsberg, B O'Reilly, K Moser, B Luckman
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0800 PP71B-07 CC Hall E A non-invasive multiproxy approach to recognize Holocene paleocoastal environmental signals in Sri Lanka.
*P N Ranasinghe, J D Ortiz, C Siriwardana
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0800 PP71B-08 CC Hall E Late Neogene Paleosols and Paleoclimate, Mweiga Area, Mount Kenya, East Africa
*W C Mahaney, R W Barendregt, M Villeneuve, J Dostal, T Hamilton, M W Milner, B Kapran
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