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2009 Joint Assembly

Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology


Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 PP73A CC 715A Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology General Contributions

Presiding: K Bice, WHOI; J Farrington, WHOI
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1400 PP73A-01 CC 715A Formation of a Slushball: the Process and the Influence of Continental Configuration
*Y Liu, W R Peltier
1415 PP73A-02 CC 715A Origin of the Squantum 'Tillite', Massachusetts, USA: Modern Analogs and Implications for Neoproterozoic Climate Models
*S L Carto, N Eyles
1430 PP73A-03 CC 715A Aptian Carbon and Sulfur Isotope Curves From ODP Site 765
*N DeBond, L Lee, A Paytan, U G Wortmann
1445 PP73A-04 CC 715A Seawater Exchange and Freshwater Input to the Eocene Arctic Ocean from Nd-Sr Isotope Proxies in Fossil Fish Debris
*J D Gleason, D J Thomas, T C Moore JrJ D Blum, R M Owen, B A Haley
1500 PP73A-05 CC 715A Mg/Ca Ratios in Coralline Red Algae as Temperature Proxies for Reconstructing Labrador Current Variability
*G Gamboa, S Hetzinger, J Halfar, T Zack, B Kunz, W Adey
1515 PP73A-06 CC 715A Spectral Analysis of Burgundy Pinot Noir Grape Harvest Dates
*K Rahim, D J Thomson

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