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2009 Joint Assembly

Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology


Sunday Afternoon 2

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1630 PP74A CC 715A Advances in Micropaleontology: Addressing Issues Across the Spectrum of Paleoclimatology, Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction, and Paleoecology (joint with B)
Presiding: D B Scott, Dalhousie University; P J van Hengstum, Dalhousie University
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1630 PP74A-01 CC 715A The impact of sea water salinity on the morphology of Emiliania huxleyi in the plankton
*J Bollmann, J O Herle, M Y Cortes, S R Fielding
1645 PP74A-02 CC 715A Mid to late-Holocene diatom microfossils and geochemical proxies as evidence for paleoclimate in the Hudson River estuary, New York
*D Gurung, C M McHugh, T C Kenna, L Burckle
1700 PP74A-03 CC 715A Testing Foraminiferal Taphonomy as a Paleo-Tsunami Indicator in an Arid System Lagoon: Sur Lagoon, Sultanate of Oman
J E Pilarczyk, *E G Reinhardt
1715 PP74A-04 CC 715A Environmental reconstruction of a Mexican flooded cave system: evidence for climate-forced changes to the local freshwater lens
*P J van Hengstum, E G Reinhardt, P A Beddows, J J Gabriel
1730 PP74A-05 CC 715A Sedimentation Patterns in the Rio Cruces After the May 1960 Chilean Earthquake and Tsunami
*E G Reinhardt, R Nairn, G Lopez
1745 PP74A-06 CC 715A A 900-Year Diatom and Chrysophyte Record of Spring Mixing and Summer Stratification From Varved Lake Mina, West-Central Minnesota, USA
*J St. Jacques, B F Cumming, J P Smol
1800 PP74A-07 CC 715A Monitoring seasonal variations of thecamoebians (testate amoebae) both living and total assemblages in aquatic environments in Northern Alberta
*L Neville, F M McCarthy, M D MacKinnon, T Penner
1815 PP74A-08 CC 715A Monitoring the Effects of Oil Sands Process-Affected Water (OSPW) on Thecamoebian Assemblages: An Experimental Approach
*D G Christie, F F McCarthy, T Penner, M M MacKinnon

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