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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Afternoon 2

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1630 S14A CC 716B Seismic Studies of the Earth's Crust: Current Work and the Future of Controlled-Source Deep Crustal Studies II (joint with GA, CG, T)
Presiding: J Welford, Memorial University of Newfoundland; D Snyder, Geological Survey of Canada; D White, Geological Survey of Canada
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1630 S14A-01 CC 716B Seismic Investigations of the Zagros-Bitlis Thrust Zone
*R Gritto, M Sibol, P Caron, K Quigley, H Ghalib, Y Chen
1645 S14A-02 CC 716B Seismic Imaging of Microblocks and Channel Flow in Crust Beneath the Southeastern Margin of Tibetan Plateau
*H Zhang, C Thurber, W Wang, S W Roecker, M Toksoz

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