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2009 Joint Assembly



Tuesday Afternoon 2

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1630 S24A CC 717B Imaging Across Scales: Theory and Applications (joint with GA, CG, G, NS, NG, T)
Presiding: A Malcolm, MIT; M D Sacchi, University of Alberta
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1630 S24A-01 CC 717B Preconditioned high-resolution imaging
*M D Sacchi, S T Kaplan, S Leaney
INVITED    [Abstract]
1645 S24A-02 CC 717B Imaging Plumes and Slabs Using High-resolution Radon Transforms
*Y J Gu, M Sacchi, Y An, R Schultz
INVITED    [Abstract]
1700 S24A-03 CC 717B Adjoint Tomography: theory and applications
*Q Liu, C Tape, J Tromp
INVITED    [Abstract]
1715 S24A-04 CC 717B Scattering a probe to Earth's small scale structure
*S Rost, P Earle
INVITED    [Abstract]
1730 S24A-05 CC 717B Microseismic Monitoring Using Surface and Borehole Seismic Stations in an Oil Field, North Oman
*I El-Hussain, S Al-Hashmi, Y Al-Shijbi, M Al-Saifi, K Al-Toubi, A Al-Lazki, F Al-Kindy
1745 S24A-06 CC 717B Subsurface Images Retrieved From Ambient Noise Using Seismic Interferometry
*D Draganov, X Campman, J Thorbecke, A Verdel, K Wapenaar

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