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0800 S31A CC Hall E Seismology General Contributions Posters

Presiding: A Frederiksen, University of Manitoba; S Rondenay, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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0800 S31A-01 CC Hall E Rupture History of the Great 2003 Tokochi-Oki, Japan, Earthquake - Evidence of the Influence of Subducted Seamounts on Rupture Dynamics?
*D P Robinson, L Cheung, S Das
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0800 S31A-02 CC Hall E The 2007 Pisco, Peru, Earthquake - Late Slip Close to the Hypocentre
*D P Robinson, J Biggs
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0800 S31A-03 CC Hall E Interplay of Strike-slip and Thrust Faulting at the Obliquely Convergent Plate Boundary in Eastern Taiwan
*W Wang, K Chien, S Wen
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0800 S31A-04 CC Hall E Is the Local Seismicity Along the North Shore of Lake Erie (Southwestern Ontario) Related to the oil/gas Production and Water Injection?
*S Dineva, C Cochrane, F Forouhideh, R Mereu
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0800 S31A-05 CC Hall E 3D Ground Motion in the Georgia Basin Region of SW British Columbia for Intra-slab Earthquake Scenarios
*S Molnar, J F Cassidy, S E Dosso, K Olsen
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0800 S31A-06 CC Hall E Improvement of Algorithm for Detecting Land-surface Deformations Associated with Earthquakes from a Satellite-borne Microwave Radiometer Data
*T Maeda, T Takano
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0800 S31A-07 CC Hall E 222Radon Concentration Measurements biased to Cerro Prieto Fault for Verify its Continuity to the Northwest of the Mexicali Valley.
*O Lazaro-Mancilla, D L Lopez, J A Reyes-Lopez, C Carreón-Diazconti, J Ramirez-Hernandez
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0800 S31A-08 CC Hall E Estimation of seismic energy and its correlation with focal mechanisms. Case of study: Venezuelan seismic events.
*C Granado, R Vásquez
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0800 S31A-09 CC Hall E Envelope of coda waves for a double-couple source due to non-linear elasticity.
*I Calisto, K Bataille
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0800 S31A-10 CC Hall E Coincident Geophysical and Petrological Evidence for a Metasomatic Boundary Associated With Subduction in the Slave Cratonic Lithosphere
C Chen, *S Rondenay, R L Evans, D B Snyder
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0800 S31A-11 CC Hall E Continental Topography Related to Intraplate Deformation and Lithosphere Structural Inheritance the Eurekan Orogen of Ellesmere Island: Model Testing with Seismology
*R Stephenson
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0800 S31A-12 CC Hall E Travel-time tomography of the Abitibi-Grenville region, eastern Canada
*M Villemaire, F A Darbyshire
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0800 S31A-13 CC Hall E Reflection Seismics for Ore Exploration: A Case Study From Vihanti, Finland
*S E Heinonen, D B Snyder, P J Heikkinen, I T Kukkonen, J Kousa
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0800 S31A-14 CC Hall E The Junction of Hellenic and Cyprus Arcs: a Detailed Study of the Morphology and Neogene Tectonic Evolution of the Anaximander Mountains
J Cranshaw, A Aksu, *J Hall, G Cifci, D Dondurur, C Yaltirak
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0800 S31A-15 CC Hall E The Junction of Hellenic and Cyprus Arcs: the Bey Daglari Lineament, Offshore Termination of the Antalya Basin
A Gogacz, *J Hall, G Cifci, D Yasar, M Kucuk, C Yaltirak, A Aksu
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0800 S31A-16 CC Hall E Crustal seismic experiment along the KCRT-2008 profile in the Korean peninsula
*K Kim, J Lee, C Baag, H Jung, W Moon, J Kim
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0800 S31A-17 CC Hall E Anisotropy studies in the Korean peninsular using seismic signals from large explosions
*M Hong, K Kim
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0800 S31A-18 CC Hall E A Study of Gas Hydrates With Ocean-Bottom-Seismometer Data on the East Coast of Canada
*A Schlesinger, D Mosher, J Cullen, K Louden, G Spence, R Hyndman
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0800 S31A-19 CC Hall E Complex Seismic Signatures of the Athabasca Basin Subsurface
*Z Hajnal, B Pandit, E Takacs, I Annesley, D White, B Reilkoff, A McCready
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0800 S31A-20 CC Hall E Precursor of PKKPbc: an Evidence for Core Rigidity Zone?
*K Wan, J Huang, S Ni
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0800 S31A-21 CC Hall E Monte Carlo Simulations Of Elastic Wave Energy In Random Media With Multiple Scales
*J Przybilla, M Korn
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0800 S31A-22 CC Hall E Waveform Tomography Applied to Long-Streamer MCS Data From the Nova-Scotia Slope: Challenges and Applications
*M Delescluse, K Louden, M Nedimovic
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0800 S31A-23 CC Hall E Imaging with multiply scattered waves
*A E Malcolm, M de Hoop, B Ursin
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0800 S31A-24 CC Hall E Analysis of the Pre-stack Split-Step Migration Operator Using Ritz Values
*S T Kaplan, M D Sacchi
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0800 S31A-25 CC Hall E The Effect of Surface Overburden on 2D Seismic Response
*I White, E Bongajum, B Milkereit
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