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2009 Joint Assembly



Wednesday Afternoon 2

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1630 S34A CC 716B Imaging the Lithosphere Beneath North America: Recent Advances From Earthscope and POLARIS (joint with GA, CG, G, T)
Presiding: F Darbyshire, UQAM-McGill; R Woodward, Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
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1630 S34A-01 CC 716B Mapping the northern limit of subduction in Cascadia using POLARIS broadband seismic stations
*P Audet, M G Bostock, J Mercier, J F Cassidy
INVITED    [Abstract]
1650 S34A-02 CC 716B Surface Wave Tomography of the Nechako Basin, British Columbia, Canada, Using Ambient Seismic Noise
*O A Idowu, A W Frederiksen, J F Cassidy
1705 S34A-03 CC 716B Crustal Thickness versus Elevation: Hot Backarc Cordillera versus Stable North America
*R D Hyndman, C C Currie, S Mazzotti
1720 S34A-04 CC 716B Lithospheric Thickness and Thermal Regime in the Canadian Shield: Constraints from Heat Flux and S wave Travel Time Delays
F Levy, C Jaupart, *J Mareschal
1735 S34A-05 CC 716B The EarthScope USArray Observatories: Status and Results
*R Woodward, R Busby, M Alvarez, A Schultz, D Simpson
1750 S34A-06 CC 716B Ambient noise and earthquake tomography: the structure of the crust and uppermost mantle beneath the western US
*Y Yang, M Ritzwoller, M Moschetti, F Lin
INVITED    [Abstract]
1810 S34A-07 CC 716B Utilizing USArray to image the structure and infer the evolution of the North-American Plate
*S van der Lee, X Lou, S Chang, H Bedle
INVITED    [Abstract]

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