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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Aeronomy


Monday Morning 1

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0800 SA11B CC 717A Equatorial Ionospheric Irregularities I

Presiding: Y Sahai, Universidade do Vale do Pariaba; H Kil, The Johns Hopkins University
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0800 SA11B-01 CC 717A The Equatorial Ionosphere During Solar Minimum -- C/NOFS Observations of Deep Plasma Depletions at Sunrise
*O De La Beaujardiere, P Roddy, J Retterer, Y Su, D Hunton, M Kelley, R Pfaff
INVITED    [Abstract]
0815 SA11B-02 CC 717A On the Growth Phase of Large-Scale Wave Structure and Plasma Bubbles
*R T Tsunoda
INVITED    [Abstract]
0830 SA11B-03 CC 717A Equatorial Spread F development and day-to-day Variability From Prereversal Vertical Drift and Gravity Wave Precursors
*M A Abdu
INVITED    [Abstract]
0845 SA11B-04 CC 717A The Low-latitude Ionospheric Sensor Network: The Initial Campaigns
*P H Doherty, C E Valladares, C Carrano
INVITED    [Abstract]
0900 SA11B-05 CC 717A Forecasting Ionospheric Real-time Scintillation Tool (FIRST)
*D N Anderson, R Redmon, T Bullett, R G Caton, J M Retterer
0915 SA11B-06 CC 717A C/NOFS Observations of AC Electric Field Fields Associated with Equatorial Spread-F
*R Pfaff, C Liebrecht
0930 SA11B-07 CC 717A Comapring Jicamraca and C/NOFS (VEFI) Observations of Equatorial Spread F Irregularities
*D Hysell, R Hedden, J Chau, R Pfaff
0945 SA11B-08 CC 717A Daily variations of the global equatorial anomaly
*C Coker, K F Dymond, S A Budzien, D H Chua

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