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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Aeronomy


Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 SA21A CC Hall E Equatorial Ionospheric Irregularities II Posters

Presiding: Y Sahai, Universidade do Vale do Pariaba; H Kil, The Johns Hopkins University
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0800 SA21A-01 CC Hall E Formation of a Plasma Depletion Shell in the Equatorial Ionosphere
*h Kil, L J Paxton, R A Heelis, S Oh
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0800 SA21A-02 CC Hall E Zonal Distribution of Plasma Bubble Occurrence Studied with Ground-based GPS Receiver Networks
*M Nishioka, A Saito, T Tsugawa
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0800 SA21A-03 CC Hall E VHF Radar Observations of Nighttime F-Region Field-Aligned Irregularities Over Kototabang, Indonesia
*Y Otsuka, K Shiokawa, T Ogawa, E Drs
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0800 SA21A-04 CC Hall E First Observations of Equatorial TEC and Scintillation With Multiple Dual-Frequency Software-Defined GPS Receivers
*B O'Hanlon, P M Kintner Jr.E R de Paula
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0800 SA21A-05 CC Hall E The Plasma Physics of Using Non-Specular Radar Meteor Echoes to Monitor Lower Thermosphere Wind Profiles
*M M Oppenheim, G Sugar, E Bass, N O Slowey, J L Chau, S Close
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0800 SA21A-06 CC Hall E Equatorial Ionospheric Irregularities Observed in the South American Sector During the December 2006 Geomagnetic Storm
*Y Sahai, R de Jesus, F L Guarnieri, P R Fagundes, A J de Abreu, F Becker-Guedes, J R Abalde, C Brunini, M Gende, T Cintra, V de Souza, V Pillat, W Lima
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