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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Aeronomy


Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 SA21B CC Hall E Results and Applications of Detailed Monitoring of the Neutral Mesosphere and Thermosphere III Posters

Presiding: W Skinner, University of Michigan; R Niciejewski, The University of Michigan
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0800 SA21B-01 CC Hall E Kinetics of ice particles growth in the polar summer mesosphere
A Y Zasetsky, *S V Petelina
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0800 SA21B-02 CC Hall E Multiple Year Variations of the Mesosphere Lower Thermosphere Wind Field and Comparison with Empirical Models
*W R Skinner, R Niciejewski, q Wu, D Ortland, M Cooper, A R Marshall
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0800 SA21B-03 CC Hall E First Results From OI (6300A) Fringe Measurements Using the TIMED Doppler Interferometer (TIDI)
*R Niciejewski, W Skinner, M Cooper, A Marshall, Q Wu, T Killeen, D Ortland
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0800 SA21B-04 CC Hall E Long Term Observations of the Neutral Wind in the Upper Thermosphere Above Carmen Alto Chile
*R Niciejewski, J Araya Valenzuala
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0800 SA21B-05 CC Hall E Direct Comparisons Between Neutral Wind, Temperature, and Airglow Brightness Measurements and Plasma Drift, Temperature, and Density Observations at Sondre Stromfjord Greenland
*R Niciejewski, V Kaushish
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0800 SA21B-06 CC Hall E SABER Mesospheric OH Emission Data Trends Over a Half Solar Cycle
*A E Pound, J Willis, D J Baker, M G Mlynczak, J Russell
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