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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Aeronomy


Tuesday Afternoon 2

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1630 SA24A CC 717A Large-Scale Coupling of Ionospheric Effects From the Polar Cap to Midlatitudes (joint with SM)
Presiding: J Ruohoniemi, Virginia Tech; J St-Maurice, University of Saskatchewan
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1630 SA24A-01 CC 717A Comprehensive Observations of GeoSpace Convection and the Aurora
*E Donovan
INVITED    [Abstract]
1645 SA24A-02 CC 717A Diagnosis of Magnetotail Drivers for Ionospheric Electrodynamics Using Networks of Ground-based Magnetometers
*I R Mann, I J Rae, K Murphy, D K Milling, C T Russell, V Angelopoulos
INVITED    [Abstract]
1705 SA24A-03 CC 717A SuperDARN Observations of Ionospheric Effects from the Polar Cap to Middle Latitudes
*J B Baker
INVITED    [Abstract]
1725 SA24A-04 CC 717A Displacement and changes in distribution of Birkeland currents during disturbed conditions relative to nominal activity
*B J Anderson, K Haje, C L Waters
INVITED    [Abstract]
1745 SA24A-05 CC 717A Ionospheric Anomalies in the Polar Cap and at Mid-Latitudes Revealed by Digital Ionosondes and GPS Receivers
*D Pokhotelov, T P Jayachandran, J W MacDougall, C N Mitchell
1800 SA24A-06 CC 717A PFISR Observations of Ionospheric and Joule Heating During CIRs
*J J Sojka, M J Nicolls, C Heinselman, J Kelly
1815 SA24A-07 CC 717A On the Relationship of Joule Heating and NO Radiative Cooling in the Thermosphere
*G Lu, M G Mlynczak, P Stauning

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