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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Aeronomy


Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 SA31B CC Hall E Recent Advances in Understanding the Ionospheric Response to Variable Drivers II Posters (joint with SM)
Presiding: D Knudsen, University of Calgary; O de la Beaujardiere, AFRL RVBXP
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0800 SA31B-01 CC Hall E Non-Uniform Plasma Discharges In Near Earth Space Environment And Ionosphere To Troposphere Responses
*J M McCanney
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0800 SA31B-02 CC Hall E Topside Ionospheric Profile Constructed with ROCSAT Observation and Jicamarca Ionosonde Data
S Tulasi Ram, *S Su, C Liu
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0800 SA31B-03 CC Hall E The variation of Ionospheric Slab Thickness Parameters and Comparison with IRI in Mid-Latitudes During Solar Maximum
*Y Chuo, C Lee, W Cheng
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0800 SA31B-04 CC Hall E Comparison of two phase scintillation estimators for GPS data obtained from High Latitudes.
*S C Mushini, J P Thayyil, R B Langley, J W MacDougall
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0800 SA31B-05 CC Hall E Latitudinal Quiet Time Variations of Ion Drifts in the Ionosphere at Low- and Middle- Latitudes
*E Pacheco, R A Heelis, S Su
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0800 SA31B-06 CC Hall E Observations and Theoretical Predictions for Decameter Auroral Electrojet Irregularities
D R Moorcroft, *L M Kagan, R S Kissack
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0800 SA31B-07 CC Hall E Effects of Polar Cap Absorption of Energetic Particles on December 2006
*A V Dmitriev, H C Yeh, L C Tsai
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