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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Aeronomy


Wednesday Afternoon 1

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1400 SA33A CC 717A Multicomponent Studies of the Middle and Upper Atmosphere (joint with A)
Presiding: W Ward, University of New Brunswick; K Strong, University of Toronto
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1400 SA33A-01 CC 717A Coordinated Studies of the Middle and Upper Atmosphere Structure: Results and Lessons-learned from the NASA TIMED Mission
*J Yee
INVITED    [Abstract]
1420 SA33A-02 CC 717A The Coordinated Sodium Airglow and Lidar Observations over India
*S Sarkhel, R Sekar, D Chakrabarty, R Narayanan, S Sridharan
1432 SA33A-03 CC 717A Lidar Measurements of Gravity Waves from Eureka During the Canadian Arctic ACE Validation Campaign
*E M McCullough, R J Sica, K B Strawbridge, J R Drummond
1444 SA33A-04 CC 717A Multi-instrument and network observations with the middle and upper atmosphere (MU) radar
*T Nakamura, T Tsuda, M Yamamoto, H Hashiguchi
INVITED    [Abstract]
1504 SA33A-05 CC 717A A PEARL Near the Pole: Measuring the Atmosphere in the High Arctic
*J Drummond
1516 SA33A-06 CC 717A Understanding the Arctic stratosphere during IPY through a combination of ground-based measurements, models and dynamical analyses
*R Batchelor, K Strong, R Lindenmaier, A Manson, C Meek, G Manney, W Daffer, S Polavarapu, M Reszka, M Neish, A Robichaud, J DeGrandpré, M Roch, S Chabrillat, S Beagley, S Barthlott, T Blumenstock, F Hase, J Klyft, A Strandberg, J Mellqvist, M Palm, J Notholt, J Hannigan, M Coffey, Y Kasai, A Kagawa
1528 SA33A-07 CC 717A Examination of tracer-tracer correlations between NOy and N2O, and between NOy and O3 using ACE-FTS measurements
*G Qin, K Strong, M Toohey, K A Walker, P F Bernath, C D Boone, C A McLinden
1540 SA33A-08 CC 717A Modeling of Middle Atmosphere Dynamics Using Lower Atmosphere ECMWF Data
*U Berger, F Luebken, G Baumgarten
INVITED    [Abstract]

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