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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Aeronomy


Wednesday Afternoon 2

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1630 SA34A CC 717A Longitudinal Variations in Upper Atmospheric Constituents, Temperature, and Wind II

Presiding: G G Shepherd, York University; T Nakamura, Kyoto University
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1630 SA34A-01 CC 717A Inter-annual Variability of Nonmigrating Tides Forced by Tropical Convection
*J Oberheide, J M Forbes, A K Smith, D R Marsh
INVITED    [Abstract]
1650 SA34A-02 CC 717A Longitudinal variability and the geography of wave interference
*W E Ward, J Du
INVITED    [Abstract]
1710 SA34A-03 CC 717A Longitudinal variations in stratospheric/mesospheric temperature at high latitudes
*M G Shepherd, S Alexander
1725 SA34A-04 CC 717A Investigation of Longitudinal Variation by Using Sodium Temperature Lidar Measurements
*M K Ejiri, T Nakamura, T D Kawahara, G G Shepherd, J D Oberheide, K Shiokawa
INVITED    [Abstract]
1745 SA34A-05 CC 717A Planetary Wave Influence on Wintertime OH Meinel Longitudinal Variation?
*J R Winick, R H Picard, P P Wintersteiner, M G Mlynczak, J M Russell IIIL Gordley
INVITED    [Abstract]
1805 SA34A-06 CC 717A Gravity waves in polar mesospheric clouds measured by Odin/OSIRIS since 2002
*S V Petelina
1820 SA34A-07 CC 717A Seasonal Anomaly Observed by FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Ionospheric Radio Occultation Measurements
*W Lee, Q Wu, S C Solomon, Y Kuo, A Coster, S Cho, J Park

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