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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Solar and Heliospheric Physics


Tuesday Morning 2

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1030 SH22A CC 716B Space Weather Prediction: Are We There Yet? I (joint with SA, SM)
Presiding: C Russell, UCLA; J Giacalone, University of Arizona
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1030 SH22A-01 CC 716B Between the Rock and a Hard Place: The CCMC as a Transit Station Between Modelers and Forecasters
*M Hesse
INVITED    [Abstract]
1047 SH22A-02 CC 716B Predicting the Space Environment: the CISM Experience and Perspective
*W Hughes
INVITED    [Abstract]
1104 SH22A-03 CC 716B The Space Weather Modeling Framework
*G Toth
INVITED    [Abstract]
1121 SH22A-04 CC 716B Coronal Modeling: Present Status and Challenges for the Future*
*J A Linker, Z Mikic, R Lionello, P Riley, V Titov
INVITED    [Abstract]
1138 SH22A-05 CC 716B Numerical Simulation of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections and STEREO Observations
*D Odstrcil
INVITED    [Abstract]
1155 SH22A-06 CC 716B Magnetospheric Space Weather Forecasting: Status and Challenges for the Upcoming Solar Cycle
*J Raeder, D Larson, W Li, A Vapirev, T Fuller-Rowell, N Maruyama, M Fok, A Glocer, F Toffoletto, B Hu, S Sazykin, A Richmond, A Maute
INVITED    [Abstract]
1212 SH22A-07 CC 716B The Current Status and Challenges for Upper Atmosphere Models
*R W Schunk
INVITED    [Abstract]

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