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2009 Joint Assembly

SPA: Solar and Heliospheric Physics


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 SH23A CC 716B Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere

Presiding: G Li, University of Alabama in Huntsville; M A Popecki, University of New Hampshire
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1400 SH23A-01 CC 716B Control of Suprathermal Electron Flux by Solar Wind Dynamics
*N U Crooker, E M Appleton, M J Owens, N A Schwadron
1415 SH23A-02 CC 716B Comparison of Interplanetary Ion and Electron Source Regions
*E Chollet, J Giacalone, R Skoug, J Steinberg, J Gosling
1430 SH23A-03 CC 716B Variations in the Spectral Slopes of Interplanetary Data
*D J Thomson, L J Lanzerotti
1445 SH23A-04 CC 716B Simulation study of energetic electron bursts from reforming shocks
*X Yuan, I Cairns, L Trichtchento, D Boteler
1500 SH23A-05 CC 716B Heavy Ions as a Probe of Solar Wind MHD Turbulence in SEP Events
*G Li, G Mason, D Haggerty, R Mewaldt, C Cohen, R Leske, M Desai, M Dayeh, G Zank, O Verkhoglyadova
1515 SH23A-06 CC 716B The interaction of magnetic discontinuities with collisionless shocks
*J Giacalone, D Burgess, M Neugebauer
1530 SH23A-07 CC 716B Test Particle Acceleration in Kinematic MHD Models of Collapsing Magnetic Traps
*T Neukirch, K J Grady
1545 SH23A-08 CC 716B Plasma in the Heliosheath
*J D Richardson

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